Pro-Vax FB Groups

There are a lot of pro-vaccination pages on Facebook and most of them contain knowledgeable, scientifically literate individuals that can aid in the vaccination decision process.  They also post delightfully amusing memes and very informative articles.

Pro Vaccine Shills for Big Pharma, the Illumanati, Reptilians, and the NWO (the name is meant as parody)
:::A group dedicated to debunking conspiracy theories (which takes in anti-vaccination) and anti-science BS often using humor, parody, and satire as well as real information:::

Refutations to Anti-Vaccine Memes
:::This group takes a more serious route but will at times post some humor memes.  They are pro-science, pro-health, and pro-vaccination:::

Embarrassed Cousins of Proud Parents of Unvaccinated Children
:::In this group there are serious articles and information as well as some humorous posts but it mostly sticks to the serious route explaining the consequences of the anti-vaccination movement:::

I Fucking Hate Pseudoscience
:::At IFHP the goal is to educate and help those that have experienced pseudoscience, can't tell if something is truly pseudoscience or not, and offers general as well as in depth information to debunk a host of conspiracy theories including those related to the anti-vaccination movement:::

I Fucking Love Science
:::IFLS is dedicated to all things science and are clearly against conspiracy theory BS pseudoscience.  Aside from health topics, IFLS also posts on a variety of subjects from living things such as plants to space items such as meteors.  It is a well rounded group for those that enjoy science in general:::

Things Anti-vaxers Say
:::TAVS is a community group on facebook dedicated to finding and publicly displaying some of the weirdest and most dangerous things anti-vaxxers have stated on social media.  The group is almost strictly for pro-vaxxers that have had it up to their eyeballs with anti-vaccination rhetoric.  At times it is an educational page because those of us that comment will post informative links and studies disproving whatever crazy things the anti-vaxxers mentioned but mostly it is a group meant to display just how dangerous these folks are becoming:::

Fully Vaccinated
:::Fully Vaccinated is run by a fellow with excellent nursing credentials.  He vaccinates himself and his children.  It's a small group so far but he posts very educational information about vaccines, diseases, and new treatments and preventions.  I highly recommend this group.  He also has a blogger/blogspot page that i also highly recommend: Fully Vaccinated on Blogspot :::