Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Two Doctors Combatting the Idiocy in Michigan

Michigan has a low vaccination rate, probably due to the fact the people here in my home state can be easily led astray by quacks and internet insanity and also due to the fact that the economy here is absolutely craptacular so some folks can't afford to get their kids vaccinated or don't know about free vaccination programs that are available.  Our politicians here are, sadly, absolute idiots and we live in fear that they may take some very dangerous advice from an anti-vax group called MOMV (Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines).  I'm linking to a very good article on Michigan's news site ( that features guest columnists Dr. Anthony F. Ognjan and Dr. Sandro Cinti and their views on this disturbing trend:

The reason for the Jenny McCarthy meme?  The article the doctors wrote on Mlive specifically names this dim broad.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Turning on Comments for a Brief While

I'm turning comments on briefly, mostly so i can accept CONSTRUCTIVE criticism from fellow pro-vaxxers.  Anti-vax rhetoric will be removed.  Legitimate questions will be accepted and answered to the best of my ability.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Chikungunya Virus in the United States

Recently a mosquito-borne virus (sometimes referred to as an Arbovirus) called Chikungunya was diagnosed in an individual from Florida that had not been traveling.  That means this virus is being spread by mosquito to human to mosquito contact now in the United States.

Chikungunya is a virus that is carried by certain species of mosquito.  It is a painful disease that causes high fever and severe joint pain.  The symptoms typically last a week but longer lasting effects have been observed in those that have had the illness.  There is no cure for the disease and the best preventative measures are to avoid mosquito contact by using DEET mosquito repellents, screens on your windows and tents, dumping standing buckets of water and avoiding going into the woods or weedy areas on warm, humid, and/or rainy days. 

They are currently working on an attenuated vaccine for this disease but it is still in trial phase and some joint pain symptoms were described by some trial participants so it needs further study and further modificaiton.  No approved vaccine exists yet for this virus.

This disease, and a host of others, are why vaccines were invented.  If one wants to be healthy and pro-health, they need to be pro-vaccination, otherwise they can end up dead or permanently damaged by a disease.  If they make a successful vaccination for this disease it would be wonderful because it has already reached epidemic proportions.

A Nurse's Journey Away From the Anti-vax Movement

Since my quest for admins is continuing on i will post here whenever i can.  Today's post is being shared from another person's website.  It's from a young woman who calls herself the Kid Nurse on her website.  Her story is a good one and i'm sure the pro-vaxxers and our undecided viewers will find it to be worth reading.  She describes her journey from a mostly anti-vax upbringing to becoming pro-vaccination as she went through nursing school and couldn't find research or evidence to back up the common claims that anti-vaxxers persistently make.  This link will take you to her website and to her personal story:  Kid Nurse

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Additional Info For Admins

In the Admin position you can post on your own time when you want.  It is not a time consuming position, it is just for when you have a little free time on your hands and you feel you should post an important or interesting piece of info.  Humor and satire is welcome.  It's not a very strict position i just need it to be kept civil and factual.  I cannot run it all on my own and that's why i'm looking for additional admins.  A larger field of people means a larger field of knowledge and information that can be posted.  You are under no obligation to post anything if you acquire the position but it would be appreciated if you did post something at some point.  Now again, it's a totally volunteer based position and there is no pay and i do not get paid either because i have not set up advertizing for this blog and there are no merchandize shops associated with this blog.  Being a volunteer position that means you can post when you want, you are under no obligation to post.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Quest for Admins

If you are a pro-vaxxer and would like to help admin on this blog, please send me a private message on my facebook Aquilus Domini Facebook .  Qualifications for the position are:  you must be pro-vaccination, you should have a good grasp of the English language (English grammar, spelling, and reading skills are a must), you should also be well versed on how to read and interpret full scientific studies, you must be able to remain ethical and calm even when faced with possible insults from those that oppose your position on the issues, and you must have a blogger/blogspot account.  The position is strictly volunteer based and there would be no pay (this blog does not use advertizements, it's an ethical blog not for profit).  Admins will not be allowed to post misinformation as fact or unverifiable information as fact, this group must remain a positive source of reliable and quality info if it is to be taken seriously.  Opinion articles are allowed but one must state at the beginning of the article that the article is opinion based.  When stating something is a fact, please back it up with reliable sources and post links to those sources in the Links section.  Memes are allowed, please fact check those memes before posting them.

 Please try to keep all articles and memes based on the vaccination and anti-vaccination movements.  If a related subject needs attention, such as autism spectrum disorders, feel free to post articles, links, and memes about new findings on autism and other diseases and disorders that are erroneously blamed on vaccines.

Eventually there will be a facebook page that will go with this blog and i will be questing for admins for that when i get it posted, so if you want to admin that feel free to drop me a message.  The same basic rules and qualifications apply to the facebook page that apply to this blog.

The main goal of this blog is to show how cruel and unusual the anti-vaccination movement is when it comes to the health and well being of children and pets.  That goal is to be reached through quality information about diseases, their treatments, and most notably their prevention.  If you find a quack page and want to expose it for what it is, you can do that here.  If you find someone dangerously treating a deadly vaccine preventable disease with homeopathy or other mostly useless alternative treatments, post that here and explain why it's dangerous and why it won't help the disease (be sure to have information sources to back up your reasons).  If you screen capture a conversation and wish to post it here, please cover the names of the other people in the conversation.  If you are exposing the dangerous lies of a quack doctor or famous individual you do not have to block out that doctor's name or the name of the famous individual.

If you wish to quit being an admin simply send me a PM on facebook and i will relieve you of the position.  If you are posting consistently misleading or misinformed posts i reserve the right to remove you from the position of admin.  I highly doubt that would happen though.

I hope you'll join me on the quest to educate, inform, and show the anti-vax movement for what it really is.  Good day and thank you for taking the time to read this.    


Hello there, i'm Aquilus Domini, a pro-vaxxer and general fan of biological sciences.  This blog is going to be dedicated to debunking common anti-vaccination rhetoric and displaying how sadistic some of these anti-vax people are (notably how sadistic the famous anti-vaxxers and anti-vax "doctors" are).  The main goals of the blog are to inform the fence sitters of the dangers of not vaccinating their children, their pets and themselves and to amuse the pro-vax that get sick of the constant dipshittery that anti-vaxxers spew on a regular basis.  Comments will be disabled because what many anti-vaxxers like to do these days is argue without evidence (i'm talking full published studies that need to be used as evidence, not silly youtube videos that they always post or articles from quack sites) and i don't want to have to weed through comments to boot the hostile and the mean anti-vaxxers (or pro-vaxxers that may get hostile and mean with the anti-vaxxers).  This blog doesn't exist to convert anti-vaxxers, who are sadly too stubborn to be reasoned with using logic, it will take the death of their children, their pets or a family member before they understand the importance of vaccination and even then they may not be able to be convinced.  I will however expose their lies, their errors, and their dangerous actions and i will not sugar coat them.   The blog is mostly for those that aren't sure of their position regarding vaccination and need quality information about the necessity of vaccines so that children do not die from preventable illnesses.

I became very passionate about the pro-vax movement (and other pro-science health movements) after belonging to a dangerous facebook group that spread misinformation and lies regarding all sorts of human and animal health topics, most notably vaccines and cancer therapies.  That group was called Collective Evolution.  They are still running and they are still recruiting conspiracy sheep into their flock of foolishness as we speak.  Other groups very similar to them exist across the social media world on facebook, twitter, and elsewhere.  The people that run those anti-science pages are usually in it for monetary gain, attention, agenda pushing, and/or power.  They do not care about the people they are hurting with their erroneous articles and memes and i found that to be very disturbing.

Many people are forgoing vaccines in favor of willingly exposing their children to possibly deadly diseases.  Not all healthy children's immune systems can handle the onslaught of full blown cases of mumps, measles, rubella, etc.  Those children can experience deadly complications such as meningitis (yes it can be caused by measles and mumps), viral cardiomyopathy (usually caused by rubella, some flu strains, and a few other non-preventable viral infections), shingles (caused by the presence of the chickenpox virus in the human body, usually doesn't develop until later in a person's life but if one is immune compromised it can show up much earlier and even in children), staph infections (caused by itching the rashes that measles, rubella, and chickenpox produce), sterility (caused by mumps), liver failure (caused by hepatitis B), and possibly cancer due to the inflammation and potential immune and cell damage the viruses can cause.  Vaccines were invented for a reason and go back in time quite a ways to the very late 1700's (they were quite different back then, please refer to my Links page for links to the sources of my information provided here and in other articles i will write for this blog).  They were seen as a great step for human health and became absolutely essential over the past 100 years.  Thanks to vaccination, polio is on the decline in most areas of the world and small pox was eradicated from the US all together.  The benefits of vaccination are clearly present, but some people take quite a bit of convincing before they will accept facts as facts.  For the record, autism is NOT caused by vaccines and that has been recently proven time and time again with new studies into the cause of the disorder.  Even if it were caused by vaccines, it is better to have a live child with autism than no child at all that died from a preventable disease.  Anywhoo, vaccines are important for the health of humanity, particularly the health of children, the elderly, the immunocompromised and those that are receiving treatments for various diseases, like chemotherapy for cancer.  By a large percentage of the public being vaccinated, those that cannot be vaccinated and those that could easily get a disease due to being ill, won't end up with the vaccine preventable diseases.  The anti-vax movement threatens to destroy this very important herd immunity.  It is a selfish movement first and foremost.  Those that are anti-vax are usually young to early middle aged adults (under 45) with young or teenage children.  Most of the anti-vaxxers have been vaccinated themselves (and my my, they lived obviously) but have latched onto fear mongering conspiracy ideas that endorse selfish behavior from those adults.  In the end it is not the adults that suffer the consequences of their selfish actions, it is their children and yet they insist they are right.  Even if their child dies from a vaccine preventable illness, they will blame everyone but themselves and that is a scary pattern of thought for parents to have.  That is a selfish line of thought.  So be wary of the antiv-vaxxers, most are not educated in a medical field and those that are educated in a medical field and claim the title of "doctor" are anti-vax probably only to sell products such as their books, lectures, supplements or, in the case of Mercola, any crazy thing they can get their hands on that they think the gullible will buy.

Anti-vaxxers will talk a big game about "Big Pharma" aka the pharmaceutical industry while ignoring the fact that,,, and a host of other sites owned by product peddlers are in it solely for the profits because they know who they can milk for quick cash (the conspiracy theorists and the anti-vax sheep of course).  Pharmaceutical companies are usually regulated (though i will admit regulations in the US have gone to the way side at some smaller companies due to legal loopholes and a lack of funding for the FDA) and can suffer very expensive legal consequences if they put out a bad or ineffective product.  Unlike product pushing conspiracy "doctors" that avoid being sued thanks to cleverly placed disclaimers on their websites and in their books, pharmaceutical companies do not have that luxury of the scapegoat disclaimer and can be sued, quite easily actually, if a product is found to be faulty or is falsely marketed for things which it is not intended to treat (which is what happened in the case of risperdal, which Johnson and Johnson marketed for uses it was not intended to be used for and now they are being heftily sued and rightly so).  Our vaccines we have today have been thoroughly tested for efficacy and safety.  Yes there is a very tiny chance there could be a severe adverse reaction (usually a severe allergic reaction), but that is the case with anything we put in our bodies.  Even drinking a glass of water could kill us if it so happens to have parasites or waterborne viruses in it.  Eating an apple could choke us to death.  There are risks to every last thing we do in life but the pros usually far outweigh the cons when it comes to vaccines and other health related matters.

I'm going to wrap this up as it is a long post for being an introduction.  I hope you'll stick around if you're pro-vax or aren't sure yet about the benefits of vaccines for your kids and pets.  Despite my introductory paragraph at the beginning of this post, i do not hate anti-vaxxers, i just hate their stupidity and willful ignorance.  There are some individual anti-vaxxers that i wouldn't mind seeing removed from the human population and sent to the moon without a spacesuit because they have harmed their children with their foolishness or have hurt their animals with their foolishness.  I will admit i do hate anti-vax "doctors" because they know better and those anti-vax "doctors" are making a mint off of hurting other people and they know that they are hurting other people and don't care.  That is a sign of psychopathy and should never be tolerated. 

Until i can get back to update this next, i invite you to check out the Links page which is where i will be posting my sources.