Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Two Doctors Combatting the Idiocy in Michigan

Michigan has a low vaccination rate, probably due to the fact the people here in my home state can be easily led astray by quacks and internet insanity and also due to the fact that the economy here is absolutely craptacular so some folks can't afford to get their kids vaccinated or don't know about free vaccination programs that are available.  Our politicians here are, sadly, absolute idiots and we live in fear that they may take some very dangerous advice from an anti-vax group called MOMV (Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines).  I'm linking to a very good article on Michigan's news site ( that features guest columnists Dr. Anthony F. Ognjan and Dr. Sandro Cinti and their views on this disturbing trend:

The reason for the Jenny McCarthy meme?  The article the doctors wrote on Mlive specifically names this dim broad.

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