Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Additional Info For Admins

In the Admin position you can post on your own time when you want.  It is not a time consuming position, it is just for when you have a little free time on your hands and you feel you should post an important or interesting piece of info.  Humor and satire is welcome.  It's not a very strict position i just need it to be kept civil and factual.  I cannot run it all on my own and that's why i'm looking for additional admins.  A larger field of people means a larger field of knowledge and information that can be posted.  You are under no obligation to post anything if you acquire the position but it would be appreciated if you did post something at some point.  Now again, it's a totally volunteer based position and there is no pay and i do not get paid either because i have not set up advertizing for this blog and there are no merchandize shops associated with this blog.  Being a volunteer position that means you can post when you want, you are under no obligation to post.